Universal Studios Hollywood is set To Launch Super Nintendo World Hollywood in 2023

Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023 is presenting old school (and new school) video gamers with the highly anticipated launch of Super Nintendo World Hollywood! Set to open early next year, the first Super Nintendo World in California offers wildly interactive high-tech features throughout the theme park. The vibrant and sprawling land is an epic universe offering augmented reality (AR), multi-sensory rides, dining options, and themed shopping for your favorite character-like apparel.

With only two others of its kind located in Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Orlando in Florida, California is eager to entertain patrons with Super Nintendo World Hollywood. With an immersive land fit with inventive video games and unique attractions for the whole family, guests can explore the world of their beloved characters through attractions like Peach’s Castle, Super Mario World, Yoshi’s Adventure and Bowser’s Castle.

Known as Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge in other parks, Super Nintendo World Hollywood’s Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, is the most exciting addition to the highly awaited new world within Universal Studios Hollywood. Catering to all ages, the groundbreaking ride features the whole gang of characters including Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Luigi and Donkey Kong. The stadium-style four-person carts, built to replicate the originals, represent Team Mario on a race from the depths of Bowser’s chambers to the rainbow-colored sky to compete for the Golden Cup. The ride blends real movement and augmented reality (via goggles) to allow for a unique and exciting experience with various outcomes depending on performance, of course! 3-2-1… GO, has never felt more (impatiently) anticipated.

Guests are encouraged to feel like real-life players at Super Nintendo World Hollywood by getting all their Super Mario merch beforehand. The feature presentation store is set to open to the public prior to opening day, so fanatics can step into the new world fully prepped for the experience.

For information, details and updates, you can visit www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com.

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