130 N San Fernando Blvd Burbank CA 91502

For fresh and healthy rice bowls, The Asian Project (TAP) is the best place to go. Due to the big success of their first restaurant in Burbank, TAP just opened another location Downtown. With a menu that allows for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options, TAP has something for everyone.

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4 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

I'm so mad at myself for waiting so long to try this place. I had the satay chicken bowl w the purple rice, peanut sauce and almost all the fixin's! It was absolutely delicious!!! The freshest ingredients, so flavorful and just yum! Here's a shot of my bowl after I purchased it, it was so delicious I didn't even remember to snap a pic w once the lid came off lol I'm definitely a new fan! Thanks, TAP. Full Review

5 out of 5 stars

I was looking for something healthy today because I've honestly been eating terribly for the past couple of months. I wanted to try lemon leaf which is right down the street from this place but it was closed! Luckily, on yelp I saw this and thought wow asian bowls. Everything looked really healthy and customizable. I was really intrigued so I decided to go in and try this place with my coworker.

I'm really glad we chose this place. It's like chipotle style where you can build your own bowl. They give huge portions for only $10 with protein?! Staff is super friendly, welcoming, and accommodating. I asked if I could get half half on rice and noodles and I'm really glad I did and that they were so nice they let me! I'm really picky about rice noodles because sometimes they get hard and gross when they're cold but it was so tasty here!

I customized my bowl with satay sauce and half satay chicken and half teriyaki meatballs. They let me do half and half meat too! The meatballs were really good probably my favorite but the chicken was also good too. It wasn't dry as I thought it would be.

I topped my bowl off with salad, grilled veggies, and corn. Really healthy and tasty. I'm really glad I came here and highly recommend this place.

There were a lot of people when I came which made me really happy that this Thai Asian bowl fusion restaurant was poppin. Full Review

4 out of 5 stars

TAP! What an interesting name. It stands for the Asian project. Very interesting as I didn't find much of anything Asian inside.

Inside, it is cool, the air conditioning is great especially in the summer. The parking outside is big and shouldn't be tough to find any unavailable spots.

The service was just okay, the workers inside seemed annoyed when me and my friends came in to get our food. The food is similar to the style of chipotle. You order specific foods to put into a bowl and they charge you extra if you want another protein or other side like extra rice or what have you.

Anyway, I ordered a steak cutlet that was sliced into square pieces with some lettuce, other greens and a peanut sauce that was very sweet. The food if on the low calorie, healthy side, so I figured I'd try it out. The food however, is not filling! After I had my meal, I craved for way more and the price of the bowl I got was about $10.00. I really didn't want to go back in line to get more and pay an extra $10.00, but I felt like it didn't fill me up all the way.

Other pictures of the menu will be shown thru pictures as that is how you'll get a better idea of what you want. Moreover, there are bathrooms, WiFi and long wooden tables inside. There were only two tables but they panned out most of the place. I didn't like the set up and would prefer individual tables as an alternative. The seats were also incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe I just have a bad back, but they didn't even have a back rest. It was a rusty stool!

Another note: when ordering our food. There weren't any labels for the choices to make your customizable bowl, so you have to just point to what you want outside of the glass that's covering the bins.

Overall, although the food tasted good, there wasn't that much of it. Think of the food as the same size of a small poke bowl. We all can agree that that size is not filling, so expect that. The quality however, was quite good. Not sure if it is worth the $10.00 for what I paid for not including tax, but it was different. The great thing is that it is low calorie and healthy.


+air conditioning was a blessing
+high quality meat and lettuce
+prices were fair, I hope?
+bathrooms included and were very clean

-no labels on bins or on glass
-no individual tables, just 2 big long tables with very uncomfortable seats without a back rest
-service was very average, a little unfriendly.
-I was still hungry after eating my bowl
-prices are fair, but not really a great deal Full Review

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