Things to Do in Burbank at No Cost

Here are the best things to do in Burbank at no cost!


The Wildwood Canyon Park is the perfect experience for people who love nature and beautiful views. It offers some of the best scenery in Southern California, and on a clear day, one can see all of Burbank and as far as Downtown Los Angeles from the trails. The park is filled with leisure activities, such as horseback riding, biking and hiking. Also, considering the fact that Wildwood Canyon is home to animals like the cactus deer moose, the western skink and the gray fox, as well as rare birds like the sharp-shinned hawk, the park also offers plenty of opportunities for interesting wildlife spotting.



In 2004, the city of Burbank decided to convert a former railroad track to a bike path where residents and visitors can run, bike, walk or skate along a 2-mile trail and enjoy scenic views of the city. The path is running from Mariposa Street to the City border at Clybourn Avenue. Additionally, along the route, you’ll see inspiring murals, sculptures and other art installations, thanks to the Burbank Art in Public Spaces Programs.



Griffith Park is known for its stunning panoramic views over Los Angeles. It’s also home to the famous Griffith Observatory, or Southern California’s gateway to cosmos, as some might call it. Go here to hike, take pictures with the famous Hollywood sign, learn more about the universe at the Observatory, or simple just enjoy the spectacular view of the city. Griffith Park is also the perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset.



Love shows like EllenConan, or The Big Bang Theory? When visiting Burbank – the “Media Capital of the World” you have the opportunity to attend TV show tapings for FREE. Countless TV shows are filmed daily in Burbank and it’s free to be an audience member. Tickets are usually released 30 days in advance, and most shows begin taping in the fall, so that is the best time to go. Keep in mind that the shows are extremely popular, so you better make your reservation before you visit Burbank!



During one weekend every spring, Downtown Burbank hosts an Art Festival on four blocks of San Fernando Boulevard, from Burbank Town Center to The Holiday Inn. This cultural event, hosted this year (2019) between May 18 – 19, has become very popular to the public and has grown into one of the biggest free art events in the region. It features a unique blend of more than 200 original fine artists and world-famous animators whose work is found among the highest-grossing animated films of all time. Attend the festival and mingle with artists, listen to live music, and browse the 400 shops and restaurants Downtown Burbank has to offer.



Learn more about the history of Burbank at this fun little museum. Maximize your visit by starting your day at the Mentzer House, a charming 1887 Victorian home, and continue into the Gordon R. Howard Museum where they keep Disney memorabilia, vintage automobile, an old Bob’s Big Boy statue and more, all courtesy of the Burbank Historical Society.



The Burbank Aviation Museum was established to preserve Burbank’s notable aviation history. With the help of aviators, engineers, designers, fabricators, and others interested in aviation, the museum has had the opportunity to collect and preserve significant memorabilia. One example is The Portal Of The Folded Wings, which is part of the museum. The portal was built in 1924 as the entrance to Pierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial Park Cemetery. Today, it serves as a place of rest for fifteen brave pioneers of aviation who have folded their wings one last time.


The museum is open the first Sunday of each month and the admission is free between 1-3 PM.



Valley Park is a place where talented skateboarders seem to have found a little piece of their heaven. It is a city-owned and managed skate park where skateboarders of all skill levels come to enjoy fun times together. For kids who want to grow their skills or pick up valuable tips from more experienced skaters, Valley Park is the ultimate place to go. Also, plenty of year-round events and competitions are hosted here, which can be fun to go watch even for the non-skater.



This is one of the newest parks in Burbank. It features a 7.025 square feet building with programmed recreational activities, two children’s play areas, an outdoor basketball court, two picnic or barbeque areas, and an open area for passive use and play. Ovrom Park is the perfect hangout spot for families on a sunny summer day, or for friends who want to meet up for some outdoor dinner and games together.


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