Wondering Where to Stay When Visiting Los Angeles? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Burbank

Are you wondering where to stay when visiting Los Angeles? From Hollywood to Silverlake, the City of Angels has countless places to choose as a home base during your L.A. vacation. However, researching where to stay in Los Angeles with family can quickly become overwhelming. Many places in L.A. are expensive, busy, or unsafe—and you may get frustrated with your search.

Luckily, Burbank is the perfect alternative when you’re looking for where to stay in Los Angeles on a budget. Take a look at these five really good reasons why you’ll love staying in Burbank during your trip to La-La Land.

1. Family-Friendly

Burbank is the ideal place to stay with your family. Why? First, this neighboring city of Los Angeles is a bit quieter and more spread out, so you’ll have more breathing room as you rest during your travels. You’ll love how much easier it is to find parking, reserve a bigger hotel room, or do things like taking a walk to a neighborhood park.

2. Affordable

It’s easy to rack up a hefty bill when planning a trip, but choosing a budget-friendly Burbank hotel will greatly reduce your expenses. Fortunately, most places in Burbank are far more affordable than their L.A. counterparts. So, you’ll have more money in your pocket for eating out, activities, and souvenirs during your stay.

3. Safe

There are many parts of L.A. where you don’t want to be found walking around at night. Keep your family safe by staying in Burbank, where you’re less likely to experience that wary feeling as you walk the streets or look for a place to park your car. You’ll be glad to have the added peace of mind.

4. Close to L.A.

Burbank is just a stone’s throw from Los Angeles, meaning you get the best of both worlds when you choose to stay here during your trip. Drive to the heart of L.A. in 20-30 minutes, depending on the traffic. You’ll get access to all that the big city has to offer while saving money, staying safe, and enjoying a more family-friendly atmosphere.

5. Plenty to Do Nearby

Though you may be planning a trip to L.A., you’ll find that you don’t even have to leave the area to get access to many famed Burbank attractions. Our city is home to several of the world’s biggest movie studios and TV shows, so you can easily take a tour or attend a live taping while you’re in town. You can also spend time strolling Burbank’s shopping and arts district, eating at trendy restaurants, or hiking and biking in the nearby canyons.

Plan Your Visit Today

With all Burbank has to offer, it’s a clear choice as you decide where to stay when visiting Los Angeles. Check out how easy it is to get to Burbank, and then start planning your getaway today!

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