Per square mile, Burbank has more animation studios and production facilities than any other city in the world. But did you know that Burbank is also alive with trendsetting murals in all shapes and sizes? We’ve rounded up a few to give you a taste of what’s in store.

Download our city’s mural map to find the closest to you.


Downtown Burbank Walking Tour


  • Burbank Mural
    Spot this giant mural on the corner of Palm Avenue and San Fernando Boulevard on the wall of Starbucks. PC: @theLAgirl


Street art shows up throughout Burbank and makes for an engaging stroll through the city. In Downtown Burbank, grab a coffee at Starbucks at 300 N San Fernando Boulevard, and you’ll find murals both inside and outside of their building. Just a short walk away check out the “Made In Burbank” framed image. Then hop across the street to find the vivid wall paintings of the Spongebob Squarepants mural and graphic wall, a popular pictorial hotspot in Downtown Burbank. Plus, be sure to check out the City Skyline mural.


  • After checking out Burbank Town Center in Downtown Burbank, see the magnificent Media Capital of the World mural fronting the mall at 201 E Magnolia Boulevard.


Continue your stroll through Downtown by visiting the Burbank Town Center and then walking down the AMC Walkway to check out the many murals there. A little further down San Fernando Blvd will bring you to the heart wall at Shake Shack and the “Inspire” mural outside of Hilton Garden Inn.


Magnolia Park Walking Tour


  • "Armenian Roots" is the first Armenian-themed mural in Burbank. It can be found outside of Nexus Auto Group, at the corner of Burbank Blvd and Hollywood Way. PC: www.armradio.am


Next take a stroll along Magnolia Blvd in Magnolia Park and enjoy the many vintage boutiques that call this neighborhood home. While shopping take in the beautiful murals outside the shops and cafes including wings you can snap a photo in front of and brightly colored graphics.


Additional Murals


  • Check out this larger than life portrait by Alex Gonzales on the side of Costa Azul at 2001 Buena Vista St. PC: @BurbankMom


A stroll through Burbank reveals a range of subjects including Frida Kahlo, words of inspiration, mosaic tiles, and more. Each mural brings its façade to life, transforming Burbank into an open-air art gallery. A few of the many artists commissioned for the citywide mural project include Alex Gonzalez and Blank Canvas LA.


With each new mural installation, Burbank continues its commitment to enlivening public spaces through art that encourages interaction. Next time you come across a Burbank mural, don’t hesitate to capture the moment and share it on social media with the tag #VisitBurbank!


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