Visit Burbank to Host Elephant Parade® Burbank 2024. 25 Celebrity and Artist-Designed Statues To Be Displayed Citywide

Visit Burbank is proud to announce the arrival of Elephant Parade® Burbank 2024, the world’s largest touring public elephant art exposition, from July 1 to August 31, 2024.

This citywide exhibition, a first for the Los Angeles area, will include 25 elephant statues at high-traffic Burbank landmarks, public spaces, local businesses, and at area hotels. Funded and initiated by Visit Burbank, the City of Burbank’s official tourism marketing association, the “herd” of 25 will be led by Mahua designed by Los Angeles-artist Chariya Bissonnette and located on the AMC Walkway in Downtown Burbank.

Each elephant has been imaginatively transformed by celebrities and artists devoted to elephant conservation and celebrating the beauty of these universally adored animals through vivid color, design, passion, and humor. No two of the 25 elephants are alike and each one merits a viewing at its carefully chosen Burbank venue. Elephant Parade® Burbank 2024 is free and open to the public at all 25 locations.

“We look forward to welcoming this incredible art exhibition to Burbank and introducing it to our city for the first time,” states City of Burbank Mayor Nick Schultz. “Elephant Parade® has become a worldwide art phenomenon, and we are thrilled that Visit Burbank has brought these masterpieces to our city, offering the perfect activity for a family day out, and raising awareness for important cause of elephant conservation.”

Since the first exhibition in 2007, millions of dollars have been raised for Asian elephant conservation projects by Elephant Parade®.

Elephant Parade: Burbank Grand Arrival at Ikea

Visitors can stroll through and view all 25 hand-painted elephant statues before they make their way to their final destinations throughout Burbank during this special preview at IKEA, 600 IKEA Way, Burbank, in the Upper Parking Lot H. The Grand Arrival event will take place, on June 26, 2024, from 10 AM to 12 PM, and available for the public to view all the elephant statues through June 28th at 4 PM. This free event will feature guest speakers, photo ops, and a live DJ 

Notable celebrity and artist-designed statues participating in Elephant Parade® Burbank 2024 include:

Khloé Kardashian “Jasmine”
“My elephant, Jasmine, is a golden, elegant princess, beautiful beyond explanation. The elephant is the symbol of wealth and wisdom. Whatever may appear on the surface, the essence is in the soul. The point of life is to enjoy it to the fullest and leave only good behind.”


Katy Perry “Trunks”
Inspired by the musical ingenuity of Katy Perry, the bright colors and designs of “Trunks” pays tribute to Perry’s iconic musical career and gives reference to her millions of followers, “KatyCats.”

Cesar Millan “Cesar’s Pack”
“The inspiration for the art on my elephant was to mirror that of a dog’s personality: joyful, happy, bold (at times) and simple. My first encounter with an elephant was as a young boy at the circus. The colors represent my idea of the embellishments that dressed the elephant and excitement and joy that I never forgot and connected me to them.”

Lily Tomlin “Is Anybody Listening”
Lily Tomlin, a leader in elephant welfare and activism, collaborated with artist Erin Boyle, known for her love of iconic Hollywood icons, to evoke the classic “Laugh-In” character Ernestine the Telephone Operator for her elephant design.

Loree Rodkin “Brittany”
Created by iconic Los Angeles-based jewelry designer, “Brittany” reflects the beauty of the Asian elephant as well as its protective “armor,” safeguarding its family and endangered home.

Oliver Benjamin “Mellowphant”
Inspired by the character Jeff Bridges played in the Coen Brothers’ film The Big Lebowski. “The Dude” provides an example for us all to emulate and admire.

Max Fleischer “Betty Boop”
First introduced in 1930 by Max Fleischer, “Betty Boop” has captured the heart of this elephant with her wide-eyed and alluring personality.

About Elephant Parade®
Elephant Parade® orchestrates the largest global art exhibition of uniquely decorated elephant statues, aimed at promoting elephant conservation. These life-size, baby elephant statues, designed by artists and celebrities, tour international cities to elevate conservation awareness. Millions of people around the world have experienced Elephant Parade® to date, and more than 1,700 artists have contributed their designs. 2,000 unique elephant statues have been created. Since 2007, worldwide locations include Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2009; London, Great Britain 2010;  Singapore 2011; Hong Kong 2014; Bangkok, Thailand 2015; Mumbai, India 2018; Dubai 2019; Switzerland 2020, and Las Vegas 2022.

Elephant Parade Statue Lineup

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