Veggie Grill

4300 Riverside Drive Burbank CA 91505

Behind each veggie-filled dish is a story that starts long before that first bite. It all begins with people who go the extra mile to grow the best ingredients out there. Once those fresh ingredients reach Veggie Grill, their team takes the time to make each dish right, and absolutely delicious.

Average Review

4 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Thrilled with the addition of Veggie Grill to Burbank! So many satisfying vegan options for meat eaters and vegans alike. The best vegan buffalo wings I've ever had, and yummiest sweet potato fries! You won't believe the ranch is not vegan. I got the "blta" sandwich and it was delicious on sourdough. I love all the seasonal options, but disappointed that they took ramen off the menu.

Plan for street parking as the parking lot is small and so are the spaces. Full Review

3 out of 5 stars

New locations in Burbank/Toluca Lake. Plenty of seatings inside and outside. Nice clean place.
Food wasn't all that I was expecting.
Ordered Nashville chicken hot. Not spicy at all, chicken wasn't even hot or warm it was cold grilled chicken usually Nashville chicken is fried and spicy.
The chicken was soggy and the fries were all old and room temp.
No fountain drinks only bottles. Hopefully next time I try again it's it's better. Full Review

4 out of 5 stars

"Gateway" vegan food. Gorgeous location, still working out some opening kinks but good, comforting "fast" plant based eats.

Most dishes are unhealthy and scrumptious. First-timers should get the wings and the tempura green beans as apps, a buffalo chicken sandwich and chocolate chip cookie and branch out from there.

My thing is the Sonoran Bowl. It's filling for me, but there's an option to add protein. Love the seasonal offerings, but usually stick with my main love.

Ultimately you can't go wrong with any dish. Fair serving sizes, prices, and speedy service (MOST of the time).

Great catering option that will be the hit of any party - the wing tray. Little known secret: when Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe were presented with 500 chicken wings on the Jimmy Kimmel Show - they allllllll came from Veggie Grill and were all vegan to accommodate Alex and be kind to the chicks. Full Review

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