CTN-Live “Revive and Thrive”

2500 N Hollywood Way Burbank CA 91505


November 16-22, 2020

The CTN animation eXpo has been re-imagined and has emerged as CTN-LIVE, a 7-day online creative reboot and recharge for visual storytelling artists taking place online from November 16 to 22, 2020. Presented by the Creative Talent Network in partnership with Visit Burbank and themed “Revive and Thrive,” the event is designed as a week-long retreat to reboot, recharge and reset for artists working together toward new landscapes, channels, and opportunities.

Offered free of charge, CTN-LIVE will offer a 24/7 immersive weeklong retreat open to anyone looking to recharge their artistic energies and to get ready for 2021. The event will consist of interactive experiences, coaching, talks, demos, recruitment, scholarships, and current topics that are resonating in everyone’s lives.

“As the Animation Capital of the World and home to entertainment companies big and small, Burbank is our physical home and largest supporter of the international animation community,” states Tina Price, founder of the Creative Talent Network and producer of the CTN-LIVE. “Partnering with Visit Burbank makes perfect sense as it offers an invaluable relationship overflowing with opportunities for both business and creative professionals. The outpouring of support from everyone I’ve spoken to in the community is simply amazing. I invite everyone to join us this year as entrance to the main event is free of charge.”

CTN-Live will bring inspiration and opportunities to diverse artists of all ages, ethnicities, and geographic locations in this important ‘give back’ campaign with donated sponsorship giveaways valued at thousands of dollars, along with one-of-a-kind artist enrichment scholarship programs.

Registration is FREE

CTN Hotline: 818-859-0269