Harvest the Goddess Within – Autumn Equinox Festival

817 West Verdugo Ave Burbank CA 91506


5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

September 23, 2022

Introducing the Harvest the Goddess Within; Autumn Equinox Festival brought to you by Goddess Moon Circles. Enjoy an evening of divine energy, celebration, and ritual—a jam-packed event with vendors, belly dancing, and drumming. Let’s celebrate the essence of women and harness their Goddess energy. Mabon is all about gratitude for what has been reaped this year, bringing awareness to the future.

The event will feature:
-Mystical Vendors
-Personal Flower crowns
-Energy Clearing Sage Tent
-Sensual Tarot
-Belly Dancing
-Goddess Grazing Table
-Sacred Hand Cleansing
-Local Artisans

One Ticket includes:
-Goddess Tote Bag
-Belly Dancing Lesson
-Flower Crown
-Sacred Hand Cleansing
-Goddess Grazing
-Goddess Metalic Tattoos
-Goddess Ritual