Find what you need (and more) at newly renovated Macy’s at Burbank Town Center. The store offers powerful assortments and the best brands, tailored to each and every customer with obvious value, engaging service and unforgettable moments.

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2.5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

This is my favorite Macy's. It's always been clean and organized (even amongst the remodeling). I usually get good customer service, but today it was EXCEPTIONAL!!! Thank you CLAIR, for remembering to be HUMAN, and treating me with such kindness. You should be commended on your wonderful, patient spirit, and WILLINGNESS to help!!! Thanks for remembering what customer service is "SUPPOSED" to be about! Full Review

5 out of 5 stars

Macy's has great sales. Cookware has an extra 25% off until Sunday... However, they always seem to be understaffed like today. So I could not get floor assistance. I went for a small pot and handheld blender. Maybe, some gadgets. Ended up with just the pot (Originally priced $36 on sale $25 with added discount $18 and tax).

Also, I heard Nambe has a rolling pin and board. It wasn't at Macy's Burbank. I would buy it on sale for myself. But the store was under revamp. So it could just be a momentary thing, or not.

The register saleswoman offered me an extra 20% to 30% for a buy now and pickup at the One-Day Sale ir something on March 17th. Sounds like great deal just single people tend to buy just from necessity. If it was like a couple purchase for a full pot set or gift registries, I'd totally take Macy's up on that offer.

...And walking out an As Seen On TV nuwave pot grabbed my attention. I priced checked it. That pot was marked down from $99 to $21. Where wer the salespeople? Full Review

4 out of 5 stars

When it comes to Macys, this is probably one of the better options in the surrounding area. I usually have a negative experience at the Glendale location so I decided to try this one out.

My first stop was the return counter on the first floor right by the exit. I had a couple of items to return. The young Latina girl with curled hair at the counter was welcoming and made the experience quick and easy without making me feel rushed. The male employee at the register next to the young lady also greeted me as well as every customer in line. If you ever need to return items and dont want to feel judged or looked down on like other stores do , I recommend this location first. They even have candy for purchasing at the queue!
My next stop was the furniture area right across from the return counter. I didnt have the intentions of purchasing furniture but i wanted to browse on my day off. Leo at the furniture register was amazing. He welcomed us with a huge smile and greeted us, even made short conversations. I made sure i received his name as I will be recommending him to anyone looking to buy furniture in the future. Thanks Leo!
My last and final stop was the womens clothing area and childrens department on the third floor. And this is where it unfortunately goes downhill. Not once were we greeted. Even after asking two of the older women employees in the coat area for help. They made us feel like we were burdens on them while they stood and gossiped away at the counters. I had wanted to look at the coats but quickly turned around.
The childrens department was a disaster. Clothes everywhere. On the floor, on top of random clothing racks.everywhere. It was quite the safety hazard trying to navigate through the department. However I appreciated the red headed gal at the register counter that greeted us and let us know that she would be able to help us as soon as she was done helping the other customers. I thanked her for letting us know but left afterwards when I saw she had a large amount of people in the queue with just her behind the counter. Macys, please hire more employees!
Overall, I recommend this Macys. Parking is a breeze and they have great selections in store. its extremely easy to navigate through the different departments and escalators on each floor. The bathrooms were clean and tidy. The store is definitely understaffed though so keep in mind before you arrive. Full Review

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