Detail Garage

1104 N Hollywood Way Burbank CA 91505

Detailing supplies superstore in Los Angeles is your one stop shop for detailing supplies.


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5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

The current team at Detail Garage Burbank went above and beyond yesterday for their polishing class. Anyone looking to learn polishing/ paint correction should take the class offered here , 10/10. The class was instructed by Deniro who is extremely knowledgeable in Detailing with 20 years of experience. He made sure everyone in the class was learning the correct way by taking time with each and everyone one there. The team even offered to bring my car into the store for an even more hands on training for polishing , headlight restoration, engine bay, and even exhaust polish! I couldn't be happier with the knowledge and hospitality I received yesterday at Detail Garage Burbank. Huge thanks to Deniro, Anthony, Ashley, and Freddie, you guys are killing it. Full Review

5 out of 5 stars

I have driven by this store so many times and was always curious as to what they actually did. Over the past year I noticed dark carbon deposits surrounding the trough bumper cover exhaust trim pieces. This gave me a reason to go into this location and boy was I surprised and impressed. Instantly I was greeted by two very friendly representatives. They listened to my issue and right there on the spot Deniro and Ashley grabbed products that they knew would remedy my issue. They actually went outside to the car and illustrated how to successfully use the product. They took their time and in the end sold me exactly what I needed to take care of the car. These employees were incredible and made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The store itself is impressive and seems to inventory everything one would need to take care of anything you could drive, ride or float. I will always think of this store first when taking care of how our cars look and I am so appreciative of both Deniro and Ashley. Thank you.... Full Review

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